André TAJANA's work was shared between :

- Small or lifesize sculpture :
---Many busts (over 170) representing members of his family, friends, or renowned persons like writer Bernard Clavel, famous Chef cook Raymond Oliver or Louis Pradel, mayor of Lyon city for many years.
---Pieces from every size, in realization of which the artist was in intense contact to the material he was working, seaking for essential forms, more or less figurative.

Many statues of animals, children and, for the most, female bodies, sometimes haughty, sometimes in meditation, often showing a delightfull happiness, sometimes like untouchable by an hard stylisation or stopped in the momentaneous expression of a mouvement or in the softness of relaxation.
Statues of
stone or bronze, now parts of many private or public collections.

- Monumental statues and frescoes, especially for cities art programms (in which the town of Lyon was the main) or made to order by private or enterprises.

In that part, let us mention :

At Vichy :

Around Vichy :

  • Maternity statue at Yzeure's school
  • Haut-relief at House Building Syndicate, Yzeure

At Lyon and around :

  • Monument dedicated to the memory of Resistance (second World Wars' french civilians fights)
  • Monument for the Frères Lumière (cinematography inventors)
  • Monumental bust of Edouard Herriot, Jussieu square
  • Women statue at the roses garden of Parc de la Tête d'or.